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I know it’s hard to think about it, but 2012 is rapidly coming to an end. While there is still time I thought that I would try to start you thinking about taking a look back. I think it is important that we look back each year at what we have, or have not, done. Look back at how our ministry is growing. It is only by looking at what we have done that we can really move forward.

So, how has 2012 been?
What went really well this year? What things were a hit?
What things didn’t go so well?
Where you able to take the gospel to new people?
Did the people already in your ministry grow?
Did you grow, or are you the same person that you were this time last year?
Did your ministry experience growth?
I believe that we should always be moving forward. I think that there are times when we will make big steps forward, but mostly we should be looking to be a little better each time. This is true of the passing years. Each year we should be a little better than we were the previous year. Each year our ministry should be a little better than it was the year before.

There are things that we simply can not control, but for the things we can control we should seek to do a little better each time, each year.

Matt Norman

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I am a Christian, husband, father, pastor, church planter, nurse, and freelance writer.

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