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Why I’m Done Wearing Christian T-Shirts.

For years I have been one of those guys that was always wearing t-shirts with some sort of Christian message. Sometimes the message we cleverly hidden and sometimes it was just right out there. I wore these shirts hoping that it might give me an opportunity to talk to people about Jesus. In my mind people were going to read my shirt and begin asking be questions opining the door for a presentation of the gospel. Well, this NEVER HAPPENED. Not once in my 37 years has a non-believer approached me and asked me questions about Jesus or my faith. In fact the only  people who have ever said anything about these shirts have been other Christians. 

Recently as I set out into the community to try to connect with people and was deciding what to wear it occurred to me that the very thing that I was wearing to try to start conversations my actually have been preventing them. This was when I decided that I was done wearing Christian t-shirts. The last thing I want to do is anything that might make the job of sharing the Gospel harder. 
So, while I was thinking about this it got me thinking about the times in my life when people have asked me about Jesus or my faith. For the most part this has been with people who I work with or spend a fair amount of time with who have seen me trying to live out my faith and decide to come to be when they have questions. In the few instances where a conversation with a stranger has turned to spiritual matters it started somewhere else and ended up there.
I am not saying that Christian t-shirts are bad.  I’m also not suggesting that all Christians should stop wearing them. I’m simply saying that for me it is the right decision. However, l would encourage you to give this some thought next time you go to put on a Christian t-shirt.
Has wearing one of these shirts ever lead to a conversation about Jesus or the Gospel with  stranger. If so. I’d love to hear the story.
Matt Norman

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