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Home Discipleship 101: Why HOME Discipleship?

It occurred to me that the title of this series might seem strange to some. Seems like it would make more sense to call it FAMILY discipleship or PARENT discipleship? My initial inclination was to call it something like that. But, then I remember something that I learned from a good friend and fellow children’s minister, Linda Jacobs. Linda has a passion for ministering to children of divorce. One of the things she has taught me is that FAMILY may not mean the same thing to everybody. When we refer to family we run the risk of leaving out some people. Consider this:

  • Single parent homes: If you are the child  of a single parent sitting in a room where many of the other kids have both parents in the home, then talk of family could make you feel excluded.
  • Grandparents parenting: There are a growing number of grandparents raising their grandkids.
  • Kids with other family: Some kids are living with aunts and uncles for any number of reasons.
  • Adoption: I hate to think that some adopted kids would feel this way, but when we talk about family they may look around at there peers and feel a disconnect because they are different.
  • Foster care: These kids may not even be with ANY family member. They are certainly going to assume that you are not talking to/about them when you talk about family, especially if they come from a bad family situation.

BUT, nearly everyone can identify with HOME. I have been in Alabama only a few months and i’m living in a borrowed house. Yet when I leave work to go to that house I say I’m going HOME and I feel like I am going HOME. For this reason I chose to call this series HOME Discipleship. I want anyone who reads this to know that YOU can disciple the kids that are in your home, whether they are yours or not and regardless of why or how they came to be with you.

Matt Norman

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