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Where Have I Been?

First let me say thanks to all of my loyal readers… Thanks dad.

Anyways, I made a decision a couple weeks ago to take a month off from my blog. This site has always been intended to be a place to:

• Express my thoughts about SOME things in a healthy and uplifting way.
• Shed Scriptural light on some things.
• Share what God is and has done in my life.
• Share some of my own experiences in ministry, in hopes that others might learn from my mistakes, and a few successes.

There were also some things I wanted this site to NEVER become about:

• My own fame or notoriety.
• The numbers. (page visits, unique visitors, etc.)

Well, as often happens with such things, it started well but, over time, drifted from what I WANTED it to be to what it WASN’T supposed to be.

So, for this reason I decided to take some time off. That is why you will find that I have posted nothing for the month of March. I wanted to take this time to refocus and come back and, hopefully, offer content that is useful and, most importantly, brings glory to God, not me.

Matt Norman

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I am a Christian, husband, father, pastor, church planter, nurse, and freelance writer.


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