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What Is The Orange Conference?

This week I have been talking about the Orange strategy of ministry. Well, for those that live and breath ORANGE, the Orange Conference is ultimate destination. There is an energy that comes with any gathering of people passionate about ministry to preschoolers, children or youth. Now imagine the energy from over 6000 of those type of people all gathered in the same place. It is truly an unbelievable experience. Let me put it to you like this. When Moses came down from the mountain after physically spending time with God he was visibly changed. I feel that the Orange Conference has a similar effect on people. At least, it always has on me. Let me just take a moment to tell you what you can expect.

  • Worship – The worship at the Orange Conference is at the top of the industry. This is not only about the quality of the music or the production. There truly is an anointing on this event. Maybe it is the energy of those 6000+ people. Maybe it is something more, but the worship is beyond anything that I could put into words.
  • Teaching – Imagine if you were an engineer. Now imagine being able to go to a conference and learn from the best engineers in the country WORLD. That’s what the ORANGE conference is like. The best and brightest in ministry to children and youth are here for you to learn from.
  • People – This may be my favorite part. As I attended the Tampa Orange Tour stop with my children’s church director I told her that one of of the most important things about such an event was meeting people, networking. I first attended the Orange Conference in 2012, about a year and half ago. At that event I met people that I count among my closest friends. As I found myself ministering to the family of a 2 year old that drowned, it was these very people that I reached out to for prayer and advice. As I found myself ministering to the family of a 10 year killed in a boating accident it was these people that I reached out to. As I faced the decision to leave my current church even though I did not know where God was sending me next, it was these people that I reached out to. The people at met at my first Orange Conference live all over the country. Some of them I only get to see in person at the Orange Conference. Still I count them as some of my closest friends and I am convinced they will be my friends for life.
  • Resources – Throughout the conference there is a resource area with many different vendors of many different kinds. From children’s worship materials to VBS to missions trips and camps aimed specifically at Children or youth, it is there.
Bottom Line – The bottom line is this, you need to go to the Orange Conference. Ministry is hard work. Ministry can be draining. In ministry there can be times that we find ourselves asking why we even bother, why we work so hard. The Orange Conference can reenergize you for another year of ministry. The Orange conference can remind you WHY you do ministry in the first place. I think that, as Christians, we all need mountain top experiences to bring us closer to God and to keep us looking towards Him. The Orange Conference is just such an event. Let me put it to you one more way. Each year my wife goes on a cruise with a bunch of other women. I, too, could schedule such a cruise with my friend. Orange Conference is my cruise.
Start planning, start saving, and start making arrangements to be there. Registration is open now. Check it out at http://theorangeconference.com/
Matt Norman

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