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What Is Orange Tour?

OT15_TwitterProfile_500x500If your in ministry to children or youth, you have probably heard of the Orange Conference. However, if you may not know about the Orange Tour. Think of the Orange Tour as a mini Orange Conference in a regional version.

Who should attend Orange Tour? There is a common misconception that the only people that should attend the Orange Conference are those that use the “Orange” curriculum. The Orange Conference is put on by the reThink group. It is true that these folks also produce curriculum for preschool, children and youth as well as a number of other resources. However, this does not mean that the Orange Conference, or Orange Tour are exclusive for those that use these products.

Isn’t it just a big sales pitch? For those that use Orange curriculum or products there are opportunities to learn more about these products. There are also opportunities to purchase some of them, often at a discounted rate. However, Neither the Orange Conference, nor the Orange Tour is a sales pitch. If you use the materials they produce there are breakout sessions aimed at helping you get the most to of them. But, there are also sessions aimed simply at helping you do the best you can at reaching and ministering to preschoolers, children and youth.

So, what IS Orange Tour? Big, national conferences can often be hard for people to attend. The cost of the conference, plus travel,lodging and meals can be too much for many people. The Orange Tour is designed to fill the gap for those that can’t afford a big, national conference. There are 14 stops on the schedule for Orange Tour 2015. With this many stops they are able to spread them all over the country. As a result there is a good chance that there is an Orange Tour stop within a reasonable drive of your location. This reduces the cost of travel and, for many, eliminates the need for lodging. The reduced cost also provides an opportunity for more people from a given church to attend.

Ok, that still doesn’t really answer the question of what Orange Tour is. For starters I would recommend checking out the official website at HERE. In the mean time let me give you a brief description…

Imagine some of the top names in ministry to children and youth. Imagine you in a venue with just a couple hundred other people while that person shares some of the lessons that have learned. Imagine a smaller group in a breakout session where you can actually ask questions of some of the brightest and best minds in ministry. That is Orange Tour. Of course there is also the excitement and energy that comes from being with a group of people that are just as passionate about reaching the next generation as you are. That’s the sort of thing that can’t really be explained, but has to simply be experienced.

What questions do you have? As a ministry leader and simply a child of God we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the resources God has given us. As a result we all aim to be careful in how we spend money on things like conferences. I know that some may still have questions that I have not answered here. I would recommend that you check out their website. However, I would also invite you to leave me a question in the comments below. I will do all I can to answer your questions from my own personal experience. I also have some direct connections with the people that put on the Orange Conference and produce the curriculum and other materials. What I can’t answer I’d be glad to reach out to them to get answered.

In case you’re curious, I’m planning to attend the Orange Tour stop in Ocala, Florida on November 10th. If you’re in Florida I’d love to see you there. If you are going to be there, let me know. I’d love to meet you in person.

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