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What If We Lived As If We TRULY Believed The Bible Is True?

The Bible is the very basis of Christianity. The teachings and values that are presented in it form the foundation for all we believe. Nearly all Christians, if asked, would say that they believe that the Bible is true. If we don’t believe the Bible is true, then what do we stand on? What do we stand for? How do we know how to live or what to stand on, or to stand for? If the Bible is not true, does Christianity even exist.

The Bible is our source of truth. As Christians, it forms the foundation for the way that we live… or does it? If Christians believe the Bible is true, do we really live as if we believe it? What would it look like if we lived as if we TRULY believe the Bible is true?

I happen to believe that the Bible is true. I believe that it says exactly what God wanted it to say. I also believe that it doesn’t say exactly what God didn’t want it to say. I believe, as Christians, when we have questions we should be asking ourselves what the Bible has to say. When presented with a situation we should be asking, “What does the Bible say about that?” With discussing something with someone we should be asking, “Yes, but what does the Bible say about it.”

Still, I have to ask myself, am I living as if I TRULY believe the Bible is true. What does that look like? What does it mean to live as if I believe the Bible is true? Well, that’s what I want to look at in this series. Each week I will take a verse or passage of scripture and talk about what it would look like to live as if we TRULY believe that that verse or passage is true.

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