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War Room App

So, a couple weeks ago I wrote a post about my “portable war room”. You can read that post HERE. Well, a coupe days ago I was thinking of how I could take that idea to the next level and have it with me all the time. Certainly I could just use the Notes app or other apps like Evernote. I tried to use the built-in Notes that comes with all iOS devices and it didn’t really work for me. I also tried using Evernote. I LOVE Evernote and use it for all kinds of other things, but it didn’t really work for me for my prayer list. So, I wanted something different. I like the idea of the post-it notes in the folder that I’ve been using. I still use it when I’m at home and can take the folder with me when I travel, but I wanted something that I could take EVERYWHERE. Like something that I could pull up on my lunch break or while sitting in my car before work. So I searched and found the perfect app: The Post-It Notes App.

Here is a picture of my portable War Room. You can read the full post on this using the link above.








This works great, but I wanted something electronic to augment it. That’s where the Post-It notes app comes in. This app allows me to actually take a picture of my portable War Room. It recognizes the Post-It notes, removes the background and creates a board with the post it notes on it.










From there you can click on a certain one and zoom in on it.











Then you can scroll left or right through all of the notes on that board.










You can also create multiple boards. This would allow you to create different grouping of prayer requests. For instance I have a friend that separates his prayer list into different categories. On certain days he prayers for people that he know who are in ministry. You could create a different board for each of your categories. Or you could create a different board for certain days, depending on how you managed your prayer list.











In addition to snapping pictures of paper post-it notes, the app allows you to create new notes right in the app. This would allow you to add notes on the go. In this pic I chose to type the note, but you can also write one. For $.99 you can buy the full editing suite, which would allow you to edit notes you create as well as pic different colors for your note “paper” and different color ink.










Another cool feature I almost forgot to mention is that you can add any, or all of the notes in the app to your “Today” screen. This is the screen that you get when you drag down from the top of your home screen. This allows even quicker access to your prayer requests. You can then go straight to the app from there. Another way to help cut down on possible distractions. If you’re like me, that’s important.










I know that there are many other ways to manage your prayer requests. Some I mentioned in the opening to this post. For me the other apps allow for to much chance for distraction. This one is simple. I can look at one prayer at a time. I can include as much information as I can get on a post it note. Or I can just put a name. Since I am only using it for prayers then the only thing that will come up when I open the app will be prayers. Also, since I can get to it from the Today screen, then I don’t even have to actually go into my phone to get to them. There are certainly other apps out there that can do this job, but I like how this one works.


Let me know what apps you are using for prayer lists, requests, etc.


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