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Too Ordinary to Lead

There’s a common lie that the enemy tells us. It goes something like this, “You can’t do what God is calling you to, because your to ordinary.” or “You don’t have what it takes to do what God is calling you to.” or maybe “Your not good enough to do this.” It comes in different flavors, but the basic message is the same, your to ordinary to lead.

Could it be true? I mean look around at some of the great leaders of the church today. Look at Billy Graham, he’s a great man indeed. I would venture to say that he has done more to advance the gospel than any other single person in the past 100 years. If that’s what it takes to be a leader in the church, then I don’t have it. I’m no Billy Graham.

Billy Graham is an ordinary person. Mr. Graham has done some amazing things. I’m not sure that the full impact of his ministry will really be known until we get to heaven. His ministry will continue long after he has gone to be with the Lord. But, he started out as just another lost soul, just like me and you. Billy Graham is an ordinary person.

Peter and John were ordinary people. You don’t have to read very far into the book of Acts to know that Peter did some extraordinary things. Still, Acts 4:13 tells us, “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” How could anyone call Peter an ordinary man? When we look at Peter we look at who he BECAME. We look at the things that did LATER. Peter indeed did extraordinary things. Indeed he became and extraordinary person. BUT, he started out quite ordinary, just like you and me.

God USES ordinary people. The Bible is filled with stories of ordinary people that God used to do extraordinary things. God used a shepherd boy to kill a giant when the entire army of Israel was to scare to do anything (1). God later chose this same ordinary shepherd to be king, overlooking his extraordinary brothers in the process (2). God used a man hiding from his enemies in a wine press, along with 300 soldiers to free Israel (3).

God CHOOSES ordinary people. In each of the cases that I have mentioned above God CHOSE to use these ordinary people. God did not settle for these ordinary people because he couldn’t find any extraordinary people. No, he WANTED to use ordinary people. The enemy would have us believe that God can’t use us. Or that he doesn’t want to use us. He would have us believe that we are too ordinary to do great things for God. This is a lie aimed at keeping you from being all that God wants you to be. Being ordinary doesn’t keep you from doing great things for God. Rather I would say that being ordinary is exactly what you need to be in order to be used by God. Ordinary people + an EXTRAORDINARY God = extraordinary things. You don’t have to be extraordinary to be used by God. He has enough extraordinary for all of us.

1.) Samuel 17
2.) Samuel 16
3.) Judges 6

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