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They Pushed Our Float for 2 Miles

Tonight was the first ever entry for our children’s ministry in the local Christmas parade. I was super excited. A few weeks ago we put together a plan. The past two Saturdays a group of us have gotten together to build props and such for the float. Another group of us spent all day today putting the float together. It was gonna be awesome.

Then is started….

We get to the parade site and plug in our lights….nothing. Turns out the AC/DC converter we planned to use just wasn’t up to the task.

Ok, starting to stress a little.

So, we start making phone calls trying to locate a generator. After a short time we locate someone in our church that has one and they don’t live that far from the parade area. I wait and I pace. Then I look at my watch and I pace some more. Finally the generator arrives. We are saved. It has a full tank of gas an it ready to go. We pull on the starter cord…..nothing. We pull and pull and pull some more. We wait a little bit and we pull again. We flip every lever and turn every switch. I even read the instructions, but it just wouldn’t start. So, we plug in our giant star and the lights in our nativity and off we go.

Things are going great. This is going to be awesome.

That’s when it happened. The truck died. You see, this truck has two gas tanks and, apparently the gas gauge doesn’t work for one of them.

The truck ran out of gas.

Quickly I switch to the other tank. I got this. I turn the key to start the truck back up, but it won’t start. Again and again I turn the key, but it just won’t start until finally the battery dies.

The youth that are with us start pushing the float… truck, trailer, people and all. A short time later someone offers to help us pull it off the road. They clear a spot and I start to pilot the truck off the road and out of the parade. The youth start yelling that they want to go on, they want to finish the parade…with nearly 2 miles to go.

Those students, along with some adults who were with us, pushed that truck and trailer with 15 or more people on it. They pushed it all the way to the end of the parade, around 2 miles worth. They pushed it to the encouragement of the crowd. Some laughed and made “clever” comments, but many more cheered us on. Then as soon as we pulled into a parking lot at the end of the parade route my wife turned the key and the truck started right up.

I am not one to speak for God, but I believe that He wanted us to push that float. Not only that, but I believe that He is going to use this to reach people. I, for one, can’t wait to see what he has planned.

Matt Norman

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