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The Story of King Jesus – Book Review

The Story of King Jesus by Ben Irwin

When I got my copy of this book I couldn’t help but ask myself, if the world needed another kids Bible story book. The answer is YES. I don’t think we can ever have too many too many tools to help parents and those who work with children share the gospel. So, what did I think of THIS one?

Appearance: Ok, normally appearance would factor into my review of a book, but when it comes to a children’s book the illustrations are at least as important as the words that are written. After all, it’s the pictures that are going to grab the child’s interest long before the words do. The illustrations in this book are done by Nick Lee. The style is different from just about any other children’s book I have seen. But, they are still good. Bright colors and somewhat whimsical art make the book interesting and fun.

Content: This is a Bible story book, so the content is the most important factor. In this case the content is solid. There are a couple of things that I’m not sure I completely agree with from a theology or doctrine stand point, but they are very minor and not enough to stop be from endorsing this book, or reading it with my 6 year old daughter or the kids in my church.

Basically this book starts with creation and goes through the Old Testament, through the death and resurrection of Jesus. They then bring us back to today and the current condition of our world. Finally, we end up at the return of Christ and the 1000 year rule on earth.

I think this book does a good job of giving a much abbreviated overview of the history and future of the Bible. As expected in a children’s book or any book intended to be short there are many stories that re simply left out and the ones that are included are mostly just brushed over. This is neither surprising nor is it a problem.

My Impression: Overall I think this is a book that I will enjoy reading to/with my daughter and with the preschoolers in my church. If there is one complaint I could make it would be that the gospel is not quite clear enough. For someone who is comfortable sharing the gospel with children this will be a great tool, but for a parent or even a children’s worker who is not very comfortable doing so, the book might not be that helpful. The book does a great job of telling the story, but connecting the story of the gospel to the individual child is left up to the reader.

This one shortcoming is not even close to enough to make me not recommend this book for anyone that has small children or works with them. I have enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too.

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