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The Making of A Champion

I LOVE FOOTBALL. If I could I would watch it all day Saturday and all day Sunday. Oh, and of course Monday night. I like college football. I like NFL. I even like college football and little league football. Basically, I love football. These days the news is filled with stories of NFL players breaking the law. The stories of violence, drunk driving, drugs and other offenses can lead us to believe that every man in the NFL is in some sort of trouble. I realize that the reason we hear so much more about the bad stuff is because it just makes better TV. The media are seldom interested in reporting the good things that these men do, especially if this good is motivated by a relationship with Christ. Recently I saw a video that boldly went against this trend.

The Making of A Champion is a 15 minute video that was the brain child of Clint Gresham. Unless you are a hardcore Seattle Seahawks fan you probably will not have heard of Clint. He plays in a important, but not often talked about position of long snapper. But, the position he plays is not that important, the video he has made IS. This video features some of the players and coaches from the Seattle Seahawks as they talk about their lives, their love for football, and most importantly their relationship with Christ. In a high quality, professional video these men each talk about their life with football, their struggles in life and how they came to know Christ.

A repeating theme for each of these men is how they experience great success at different levels in football, yet still felt empty. They still felt that something was missing. Through this experience they realized that, while they continue to love football, their relationship with Christ is much greater.

The video ends with Clint Gresham sharing the gospel and inviting viewers to receive salvation through Jesus Christ.

If you are a youth pastor looking for a Super Bowl related lesson, this is it. If you are a pastor looking for a video to punctuate your Super Bowl or football themed sermon this Sunday, this is it. If you are a church hosting a Super Bowl party and looking for something to do during half time, this is it.

Check it out for yourself at

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  • Sam Clark

    Great post and encouraging as well. I remember a few years back when Tony dungee and the colts won the super bowl and when he was interviewed after the game he gave all the glory to god and Christ… It was very moving and you could see how uncomfortable the person interviewing him was. I loved that in front of millions and millions of people he gave god all the glory.

    I think a big issue for many is one, god has been to a degree removed from most people’s lives.. They have no clue of the love of Christ.

    Secondly, you cannot serve to gods. You either love one and hate the other, or you are double minded which in some ways is worse.

    Money or God.. choose cause you can’t serve both.

    Also Jesus said that for a rich person it is most difficult to get into heaven. It is easier fit a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven.

    The lure of greed and money are both evil. It is rampant in our society. These super atheletes face the love of money and live a life here on earth that is quickly fading away… Store up your treasures in heavenly things.. Not the things of this works that either as fast add a flower in the scorching sun.

    It’s always so wonderful when a support athlete glorifies God in front of the camera. And

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