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The Evils of VBS

glue smallIt’s VBS season. Whether you like it or not chances are your church is probably doing VBS. That means that the internet is blowing up with discussions about VBS. Some of these discussions are very constructive sharing tips on how to make your VBS the best it can be. However, some of these discussions are less constructive. Year after year I read the same complaints about VBS. I’d like to take a few moments to address some of the most popular complaints.

It’s just free daycare. Many complain because some parents use VBS as little more than free childcare. My response: SO WHAT! Many of these parents do this so that they can work. School ending leaves them without childcare during the hours that they work. If VBS is nothing more than an opportunity to serve the families in your community through childcare, then praise God.

How many of those new families ACTUALLY join your church? It’s true that in many churches the number of new families that visit VBS and end up joining the church is very small. My Response: SO WHAT! I am not saying that we should not have a desire to reach new families and to have them become a part of our church. But, if a child walks into your VBS, learns Biblical values and hears the gospel, but never joins your church, then I say the event was a success.

Are you reaching unchurched people? Certainly the desire to reach unchurched people needs to be ever present. However, I also know that sometimes it takes getting a kid out of there usual environment for them to really listen to what is being taught and maybe even be open to the gospel. If God wants to use VBS at my church to bring a kid from another church to salvation, then bring it on.

It’s so much work for one week. VBS is a lot of work. But is there any other event that your church does that has the potential to bring so many kids together at the same place and same time and gives you the opportunity to share the gospel?

It’s the same thing that every other church around is doing. Ok, so DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. There are lots of options when it comes to VBS. Find a curriculum that is not being done by the majority of churches in your area and use it. Or write your own stuff. If it really bothers you that everyone seems to be doing the same thing, then do something different. I understand this frustration and it is why I tend to use a different VBS from my neighbors.

It’s mostly for the church kids. Hmm. Not even sure I understand this one. So, we send all year teaching kids about Jesus and sharing the gospel in children’s church or other events, but suddenly this one week we don’t think that is good enough. Maybe this is the moment that the kid you have spent all year investing in comes to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

These are not the only complaints that people make. They also complain about the cost, the difficulty in getting volunteers and more. Come back tomorrow as I share my thoughts on what to do about these complaints and how to make your VBS meaningful again.


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