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Talking to Unchurched Parents About Baptizing Their Child

I think it is very important to talk with parents when a child makes a profession of faith. I have made it a personal requirement to talk to parents before baptizing a child. BUT, how do you handle this when the parents are unchurched or even unbelieving?

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Matt Norman

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  • Sam Clark

    boy good question Matt!! I believe if being led by the spirit and by God that the power of Jesus will lead you and give you favor in that situation. this is a wonderful opportunity to allow the power of God come in and open doors to the parents of this child. explaining to them what Jesus did and why he did it.

    looking in to my own studies of baptism, this is a choice the individual must make. this is typically a choice young children can or should not make until this child is truly old enough to understand that choice and what it means.

    I have not seen in the Bible where young children were baptized.usually it was adults or at least children who were of an age where the child was ready.

    • Matt Norman

      I fear I may have discounted the power of the Holy Spirit to guide me and to work on the parents during this situation. Thanks for reminding me.

      As for baptizing children, I agree that they need to be old enough to understand. This age varies from child to child. For this reason I personally meet with and council each child before baptizing them.

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