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Stuff from Orange 2012: Core Essentials

Today we continue our look at the stuff that I picked up at last years Orange Conference.

Core Essentials

  • Who are they? From their website: “Core Essentials is a non-profit organization and was begun in 1998 by parents and teachers who wanted to help kids by providing quality character building resources to schools.”
  • What do they do? Core Essentials provides curriculum for both during school hours and after school programs for both preschool and k-5. The curriculum is designed to teach values and build character.
  • Why should you care? I know that many of you reading this are children’s ministry leaders and volunteers. Core Essentials could give you a way to get into your local public schools. With little or no reference to Jesus or The Bible the materials are well suited for this environment. This will allow you to make the connections with kids that could lead to conversations of a spiritual nature, or to inviting them to church.
  • You may already have it! If you use 252 Basics in your children’s ministry, then you already have Core Essentials. Have you ever noticed the “Partner with Schools” tab when you go to download each months materials. That is the Core Essentials materials. In fact, it even goals along with the monthly virtues from the 252 Basics materials.
  • What do I think? I think that for many of us the public school system is a great, unreached mission field. These kids gather every day by the hundreds and even thousands and yet may of us are doing very little to influence then. Core Essentials gives us a great tool to start reaching this mission field.

Click HERE to check out there website for full details.

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