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Should You Attend the Orange Conference?

Let’s face it attending a conference like the Orange Conference is expensive. There are registration fees, travel expense, lodging, food, and more. At a time when money is tight and budgets are down, attending such a conference can cost prohibitive. The obvious question becomes, “is it worth it?” My answer is a resounding YES! Below are a lists of posts that outline my own experiences and explain why I think EVERYONE should attend the 2014 Orange Conference. For more information on this years conference, click HERE

What is The Orange Conference?

Are Big, National Conferences Worth It?

Notes from Orange: 5 Catalysts of Spiritual Growth

Why YOU Should attend the Orange Conference

#OC13 General Session #7

#OC13 General Session #6

#OC13 General Session #5

#OC13 General Session #4

#OC12 – Game Changers

Orange Conference 2012: Success in Children’s Ministry

Orange Conference and Friendship


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