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Setting Goals for Jesus – The Four Men

This week I have been sharing thoughts I had while studying Luke 5:17-26. In this passage four men help a paralyzed man get to Jesus so he could be healed.  You can read the first post HERE. Yesterday I looked at the paralyzed man. Today I want to look at the four man that helped him. In my mind the paralytic represents the lost people around us and the four men represent The Church. With that in mind let’s look at these men and what they can teach us about BEING the church.

They recognized the man’s need.

These men looked at this man and saw that he needed to be healed.

Do we recognize the needs of the people around us? In a past post (HERE) I wrote about us SEEING the crowd. This is the concept I am talking about. If we are going to do what Jesus commanded us to do, we must recognize the needs of the people around us.

They knew that they could not give them what he needed.

These men had no illusions about their ability to heal this man. They knew what he needed, but they also knew that they could not give it to him.

The church can not give lost people what they need. Lost people need salvation.

They knew that only Jesus could help him.

They recognized that the help he needed was beyond what they could offer.

Sometimes we, the church, seem to think that WE can give lost people what they need. WE CAN’T. Only Jesus can give salvation. There are a lot of things that we can do to help people, but we CAN NOT save them. Only Jesus can.

They believed that Jesus would heal him.

They believed that if they could just get this man to Jesus, that not only COULD he heal him, but that he WOULD.

We have little problem believing that Jesus CAN save people but we often do not behave as if we believe he WILL. Not every person that we bring to Jesus will be saves, but many will.

They were willing to do whatever it took to get him to Jesus.

These men brought the paralytic to the house, saw the great crowd standing between them and formulated a plan to get him to Jesus. They went out of their way. They worked hard, got sweaty, got dirty. They did what they had to do to get this man to Jesus.

Sometimes we, the church, will get all the rest of these right and then fail in this one. We must be willing to go out of our way. We must work hard, get sweaty, get dirty. We must do what we have to do to get people to Jesus.

It was because of their faith that he was healed.

The passage says that when Jesus saw THEIR faith He healed the man.

Will the faith we show inspire Jesus to heal the lost people that we bring to Him?

Tomorrow we will look, briefly, at the crowd in the house and how they represent the church.

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