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Setting Goals For Jesus – Jesus

All week I have been looking at Luke 5:17-26. Each day I have looked at a differs people involved in this story. You can use the links at the bottom of this post to access all of the posts in this series. Today I want to look at Jesus himself.

In this passage we find Jesus teaching in a house. Imagine how this must have gone down from his perspective. Right in the middle of his message debris starts falling from the ceiling. As the falling debris grows heavier the suddenly develops a hole in the roof. Shortly after a man is lowered down right in front of Jesus, WHILE HE IS STILL SPEAKING. So, how did Jesus respond and how does that compare to how we might respond?

He was not bothered by the interruption 

This had to have been quite an interruption in the middle of Jesus message. But, he was not annoyed, he did not scold the men for interrupting his message. He simple stopped what he was doing and ministered to the paralytic.

In many churches we spend time and energy planning out every detail of our services. We plan out when we will sing song and when we will pray. We plan out how long the preaching will be and when we will take up the offering. This is a good thing. I think it is important to do what we can to make our services as good as possible. But, after we do all this work to get ready for the service, how would we respond if we had a interruption similar to this one? I fear that many of us would not handle it as well as Jesus did. Our planning might cause us to lose site of what really matters, ministering to people.

When He saw their faith He healed the paralytic

The four men showed great faith by going to whatever lengths necessary to get this man to Jesus. Jesus was so moved by this that he decided to heal the man. There were a number of people that Jesus encountered that He did not heal, but He chose to heal this one. WHY? Because of THEIR  faith. Not just the faith of the paralytic, but also because of the faith of the four men.

In the church we have little problem believing that Jesus CAN save people, but we often stop just short of believing that he WILL. Will the faith we show be such that Jesus will be WANT to save the people we bring to Him?  Will Jesus see OUR faith and be moved by it? We have to have faith that Jesus CAN and WILL save people if we can just get them to Him. We then have to operate in such a way that shows this faith.

If people are not coming to Christ in your church, maybe it is because you don’t have faith that Jesus will save them. If lives are not being changed in your church maybe it is because you don’t have faith that Jesus will change people’s lives. If you want to see people come to salvation and lives changed, then start behaving as if you believe that Jesus WILL do this.


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