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Senior Leaders are Learners, Too

In my years in children’s ministry, I often heard it said, “Leaders are learners.” Now, as a senior pastor and church planter, this statement is still true. I think that many senior pastors would agree. This is why events like the ReThink Leadership Conference exist.

What is the ReThink Leadership Conference?

There are many conferences for church leaders of all types. From children to youth to worship leaders and even senior leaders. Whatever your role is within the church, there is a conference for you. ReThink Leadership is a conference specifically for senior leaders. In fact, it is only open to senior and executive pastors. ReThink is a conference aimed specifically at the things that senior leaders within a church face.

Do we need ANOTHER conference?

This is a perfectly reasonable question. There already exist many conferences for church leaders. In fact, I have attended many of them. However, this one is different. In most conferences, you have chairs in rows, all pointing toward the stage. A speaker comes onto that stage and speaks for so long you begin to wonder if your attention span or bladder is going to give out first. At ReThink Leadership, you are seated at tables. This provides a space to connect with and talk with people you may not have known prior to the conference. Later this week I’ll share a story of how just such an encounter became a milestone moment for our church.

Tables are not the only difference. You still have top name speakers like Andy Stanley and Carey Nieuwhof and more. The difference, however, is that rather than long talks that challenge your attention and your bladder, these talks are more along the lines of Ted Talks. They are short, while not sacrificing quality.

What about breakouts?

Well, this is another area that ReThink Leadership differs. You see they call their breakouts “affinity groups”. Now, this sounds like just a fancy name for the same thing. However, the format for these is different. Rather than a speaker at the front of the room pouring out information, the speaker is encouraged to stand in the middle of the room with the attendees around him or her. They are encouraged to keep their talk down and then go into an extensive question and answer session for the remainder of the time. This makes for a much more personal feel and allows you to actually ask the questions that might come up during the talk.

Is it worth it?

The obvious question is, will it be worth my time to attend this conference. I would answer that with a resounding YES! The content and format make this a great opportunity to learn, grow, and refresh.

Orange Included!

No, they are not giving away free fruit. Rather, the main sessions from the Orange Conference are also included as part of your ReThink Leadership registration. If you have nextgen leaders attending the Orange Conference, this is a great opportunity for you to spend time with them, worshipping and learning. It can lead to some great conversations that evening or after the conference. Many of the same, top name speakers will be on the mains stage at Orange Conference as well. So, far from being a dumbed down, children’s or youth only conference, the main sessions will challenge every member of your team, including yourself.

Sadly, many don’t go

Sadly, since the start of the ReThink Leadership Conference, I’ve seen many of the senior leaders that did not join their team for the Orange Conference sessions. Not only are you missing out on some great worship and content, but you are passing up an amazing opportunity to connect with your team. Simply sitting there, even if you got nothing from it, would serve as a huge show of support for your team. Your mere presence would pour so much energy into your team.


If you’re attending either the ReThink Leadership Conference of The Orange Conference, let me know. I’d love to get together and chat about what God is doing in your church and mine.

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