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Rethink Leadership Conference Day 1 Wrap Up

As many of you know, I am working to plant a church. For this reason, I have struggled with whether I should be at this conference or at the Exponential Conference in Orlando. I mean Exponential is a CHURCH PLANTING CONFERENCE. Plus, it’s in my back yard. I could attend that one and sleep in my own bed with my wife each night. But, I had made a decision and a commitment to come to Atlanta. So, here I am. Before lunch time yesterday it was clear that I was exactly where God wanted me.
That was the topic go discussion for the first part of the Rethink Leadership Conference. You see many pastors and leaders have a vision. However, as they pointed out yesterday, many lack a solid strategy for how to accomplish the vision. Here are a few soundbites from these first sessions.
Reggie Joiner
  • It’s not your vision that determines your success. It’s your strategy.
  • It’s alignment the will make a different in achieving our goals or not.
  • You can’t get everyone on the same page if you can’t get them in the same room.
Carey Nieuwhof
  • Not having a strategy is like driving a 12 year old Ford Focus on the German Autobahn.
  • Mission and vision determine intention, but strategy determines direction.
  • The reason you can sleep at night is not because of clear vision, but because of a clear strategy.
Leone Crump
  • Strategy is good. It needs to happen. But, sometimes you get to a point where strategy meets reality and some things have to change.
  • What is our unique contribution during this era of God’s work and will?
  • The church is a centrifugal institution. If you poor into those at the core it will spin out to those on the outside.
  • It’s your job, not to keep every person, but to consistently communicate that your vision has not changed as you change the strategy that is moving you towards your greater goal.
  • Culture is an environment you build around people, not information you give to people.
  • Balance is a myth. Rather it is a matter of understanding the different seasons in your life and ministry. When are your seasons of rest and when are you sprinting?
  • Ignore the wrong people in your life and invite the right ones.
Jon Acuff
  • The hardest part of strategy is that it forces you to admit your limits.
  • If you don’t have strategy the things that re most important get the rest of your time, not the best of your time.
THIS was all just during the first main session of the Rethink Leadership Conference. At this point I was already blown away. But, there was more. Here are a few thoughts from the first “Affinity Conversation”. This is what most conferences would call a breakout session. However, these really were designed to be more of a conversation. The room I was in had about 30 people or so in it. The speaker spoke for about 15 minutes, then the remainder of the hour was open to Q&A. Different from any other conference I’ve been too and it worked great. Here are some of the highlights from this session with Leonce Crump:
  • What is our unique contribution in this era of God’s work and will? (Ok, I know I repeated this one from earlier, but it’s so good I had to. Plus, there was more to it this time.)
    • Demographics don’t come into play until you first answer this question.
  • Are all churches to engage culture? Yes, on some level or another. But, what does that look like for your church in your context?
  • I want to you be you, how you be you, while we do this to the glory of God.
  • If you can’t be committed to this local church, let me help you find a local church you can be committed to.
As you can see the content was rich in all of these sessions and this doesn’t even cover the entire day. I look forward to the content from day 2. Not sure I have capacity for any more, but I’ll take great notes and share with you all.
Matt Norman

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