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Raising Amazing Kids: 8 Truths to Help Your Kids Be Amazing.

This past weekend I had the privilege of preaching in “big church”. Actually it was our first ever Family Service. We had all our elementary kids, plus a number of preschoolers,in with our adults and youth. It was great to see parents and kids worshiping together. The title of my message was “Raising Amazing Kids.”

The inspiration for this message came from Luke 2:41-52. Specifically verses 46-47. You see in this passage Jesus’ family traveled to Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover. As His family left to return home, He stayed behind in the Temple. In verse 46 Jesus was sitting with the teachers in the temple, listening and asking questions. Verse 47 says, “Everyone who heard him was AMAZED at his understanding and answers.” Jesus was only 12 years old and was able to AMAZE the teachers in the temple. He didn’t just amaze his family, friends or other people. He was sitting with the teachers and they, too, were amazed. Even at 12 years old Jesus was AMAZING.

I want my kids to be AMAZING.

I want my friends kids to be AMAZING.

I want the kids who come through our children’s ministry to be AMAZING.

This led me to look more closely at this passage to see what it had to teach us about Raising Amazing Kids. As I studied, there were 8 truths that stood out to me. I want to share these truths with you in more detail, but for the sake of introduction. Here are the 8 truths.

  1. Raising Amazing Kids means making SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES a regular part of our lives.
  2. Raising Amazing Kids means TAKING our kids to church, not SENDING them.
  3. Raising Amazing Kids means living in FELLOWSHIP with other believers.
  4. Raising Amazing Kids means creating environments that kids WANT to be in.
  5. Raising Amazing Kids means creating opportunities for kids to listen AND ask questions.
  6. Raising Amazing Kids means helping kids HEAR God’s call on their lives.
  7. Raising Amazing Kids means kids RESPECTing their parents.
  8. Raising Amazing Kids means CARING as much about their spiritual development as their physical.

Obviously there is so much more to be said about each of these truths. I delivered this message to our church in a single service. This could easily have been a 3 week series where we spoke first to parents, then to kids and finally to the church. This could even have been an 9 week series looking at one truth per week. I think the wisdom held in this passage is GREAT.

I truly believe that what God has given me is a vision, a strategy for children’s ministry. I hope that you will travel with me as I seek to put these 8 truths in place in my family and in my church.

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