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Radioactive God: The Problem

For nearly 17 years I have worked in a local hospital. Obviously radiation safety is a big concern in that environment. In fact, every year we are required to go through a brief training on the subject. Recently I found myself thinking about how this parallels our relationship with God.
You see there are 3 major concerns when it comes to radiation.
  1. Distance
  2. Time
  3. Intensity

To ensure your safety when if comes to radiation you want to put as much distance as possible. Limit your exposure time as much as possible and at as little intensity as possible. This is how many people, even Christians, handle their relationship with God.

When Moses spent time with God on top of a mountain he came back visibly changed. This was due to him being in close proximity to God. Many of us do all we can to avoid getting to close to God. Maybe we don’t intentionally avoid getting close to God, but we certainly aren’t working to get closer to him.

When I was a kid, growing up in the church, good church people went to an hour of Sunday School followed by an hour worship service. Then they would come back for Sunday evening service. Then, of course, there was Wednesday night Bible study.

Well, most churches don’t do Sunday school any longer, nor is there a Sunday evening service or midweek Bible study. Many of these churches have replaced Sunday school and midweek Bible study with home based small groups.

Now, I am not saying that these changes are bad, or wrong. What I am saying is that the end result, for many Christians, is less time of exposure.

The change that Moses experienced on the mountain was not only due to his being close to God, but also because of the INTENSITY of that encounter. Unfortunately, God is not sitting on top of some mountain somewhere waiting for us to come and be exposed to Him. I love church. BUT, let’s face it most weekend church services would not be considered mountain top experiences.

As implied by the Title, this post tells us the Problem. Check back as I take a closer look at each one of these. I will look closer at the problems these present and how we can fix them.
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Matt Norman

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