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Portable War Room

There is a great new movie in theaters call “War Room”. Well, I say it’s great, but I have only seen the trailer. However, I know others who have seen it and say it is great. While I have only seen the trailer, it was enough to inspire me.

How do I pray? In the trailer we see an older woman that has a special room in her home where she goes to pray. On the wall in this room are letters and other reminders that point to things and people that she is praying for. As I watched the trailer I couldn’t help but think about how I prayed. Do I pray with as much intentionality as the woman in this movie? Do I pray as fervently as this woman? Do I pray as passionately as this woman?

I don’t have that much space. As I watched I thought how great it would be to have a special room where I could post prayer requests on the wall and kneel, or sit, in front of them and pray. But, I simply don’t have an extra room. So, how can I do what she is doing in the space I DO have?

My war room. I’d love to say that the idea I ended up with was a result of my outstanding genius. But, I’m simply not that good. I may be the only one to think so, but I do think this is a really good idea. I also really believe it was inspired by God. So far it has worked well for me and has been a blessing.

So, what’s my war room? Well, as I said before, I don’t really have the space to have a specific room set aside where I go to pray. Where I post things on the wall to pray over. So, as I thought of how I could duplicate the PRINCIPLE that was present here, inspiration struck. Here is what my War Room looks like.










That’s right it’s a file folder. Aren’t you excited and inspired now? But wait, there’s more.










Inside this folder are post-it notes that have the different things that I am praying over written on them. I know this idea seems super simple, and it is, but I love it.

  • It’s portable: I can take it with me anywhere.
  • It’s compact: I just slide it between two books on the bookshelf above my desk.
  • It’s cheap: These could be made for less than $1 each, including the post-it notes.
  • It’s customizable: Not only do these folders come in many colors, but so do the post-it notes. And, you could decorate the folder to your liking.
  • It would be great for kids: This would be a great craft project for kids to go with a lesson on prayer. They could decorate it however they want and then it would be special to them and might inspire them to actually pray for the things they write in it.

I’m already working on the next version of this “portable war room”. I’ll post some pics as soon as I get it finished. In the mean time I’d love to see what sort of things you are doing with this idea. Send me pictures of your War Room whether it’s a portable one like mine, or a special place you go. I’ll post these pics on my site. You can email them to mnormancarguy@gmail.com.

Matt Norman

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