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Passing Thoughts for Orange Blogger Week.

Today concludes Orange Blogger Week. I thought I’d share some final thoughts.

You need the Orange Conference. Ok, maybe not specifically the Orange Conference, but you need a chance to refuel. If you are a ministry leader you need to take time to let others pour into YOUR life. In ministry we spend so much time pouring into others that we some times run out of stuff to pour. If you don’t attend the Orange Conference, attend SOME conference. You and your ministry will be better for it.

The Orange Conference Needs YOU. Yes, the conference will happen whether you are there are not. But, without the people that attend, there is no conference. The best speakers, the greatest music, none of it matters if there are no people there.

You need SOMEONE that is at the Orange Conference. I don’t know who it is or why, but I know that waiting for you at The Orange Conference is a person that God wants you to connect with. I don’t know what your need is. Heck, you may not even know what it is. When I went to my first Orange Conference I didn’t even know that I had a need, but God did. I ended up sharing a room with a guy that spoke directly to a need I didn’t even know I had. God has a similar plan for you.

Someone at the Orange Conference needs YOU. Just as much as there is someone there that you need to meet, there is someone there that needs to meet YOU. I won’t even begin to guess who it is, or what it is that they need, but I am confident that there is someone at Orange Conference that will benefit from connecting with you. God has a plan for each person there and for at least one of them you are a part of that plan.

These statements may seem grandiose and I’ll admit that they are. But, I still believe that they are true. I understand that taking a week away from your job or ministry and spending the money it takes to attained such a conference is hard. I know that the decision weighs heavily on many of us. I know that for many of us, including myself, the money for the conference comes out of our own pocket. All of these things can make you question the value of attending such a conference. I can offer no guarantees except this one: attend the Orange Conference and you will not be sorry.

Matt Norman

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