Pardon Our Dust

I have always love seeing one of these signs when attending Disney or some other theme park. You see, this sign meant that some new and exciting was coming to my favorite park. Sometimes I would walk up to the fence surrounding construction site and peer through in hopes of getting a glimpse of this new and exciting ride or attraction. Sometimes I would just see a big pile of dirt and others I would see a metal structure rising from the group like the skeleton of some unknown beast. Either way I would stand there and imagine what kind of fun this new attraction was going to bring me.

Well, you have just landed on my new blog. Like the construction site at my favorite theme park, this site is still under construction. In the coming days I will be working to add some content to this site and to restore some of he previous posts from my old blog. So, pardon our dust while I work on getting it complete.

Come back tomorrow for a peek through the fence to see what kind of attraction we are building here.

Matt N.

Matt Norman

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