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#OC13 General Session #6

Speaker: Brad Lomenick

Known by many as the organizer of the Catalyst conferences, Brad shared some of his thoughts on leadership and collaboration.

Speaker: Jared Herd

Jared came on stage with a pair old boots. He told us how the boots belonged to his grandfather. he then told us about how his grandfather use to regularly tell them stories. He would not explain the meaning of the stories, but Jared assured us that there were many of life’s lessons that he learned through his grandfather’s stories. He used this to point us to the importance of stories.

I would add that there are two kinds of stories; the ones we tell kids like Jared’s grandfather did and the ones we live out with kids. Tell kids stories and work to become a part of their story.

Speaker: Charles Jenkins

I have often told people that I deep down inside I am a black man. This may sound strange, but it is because of the connection I feel with speakers like Charles Jenkins, (Ok and my enjoyment of Black Gospel music.) Charles delivered a message on Game Changers, that I believe will be a game changer for many of the people in attendance. In fact of all the speakers, Charles is the one whose audio I really want to get my hands on. Charles has apparently written a book on this subject and he shared some of the points from his book. Great session and I look forward to reading the book.

Matt Norman

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