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#OC13 General Session #4

Speaker: Bob Goff

First let me say that Bob Goff is one of the funniest people I have ever encountered. I mean anyone that refers to himself as a recovering lawyer is good in my book. Bob Goff has such an energy and spirit about him. He is absolutely INFECTIOUS. Bob is really good at making you laugh and really making you think all in the same talk. This session was no different.

Speaker: Jeff Shinabarger

You’ll notice in my notes for this session that I have nothing written under the heading for Jeff. This is certainly not because he had nothing good to say. I think it just comes down to mental over load. I will tell you this. Jeff talked about journey towards a life of “Excessive Generosity”. It was truly inspiring. I managed to get a copy of his new book More or Less. This book is all about his journey and I can’t wait to read it. As soon as I do I will post a review.

Speaker: Kara Powell

Kara continued to share some great words for parents and for those that work with parents. Having recently gone through the Bible study from her book, Sticky Faith I am impressed with her ability to teach to parents when in that environment and teach to church leaders when in a different environment. The last thing I wanted was for her just to spew the contents of her book. If that was ll I wanted I could just read it (which I do plan to do). She did much more than that.

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