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Observations From a High School Field Trip With My Son



The seats on this bus are closer together that I remember… because I’m certain I haven’t gotten any bigger.


This bus driver is a big fan of racing… or demolition derby.

Probably demolition derby.


These buses have air conditioning these days…

Naturally I get stuck with the one bus driver who refuses to use it.

Her mantra “Race cars don’t have air conditioning. Neither do race buses.”


Dear God, would someone please tell this bus driver that we are not in a race and this is not a race car.

And no, I didn’t just take God’s name in vain. That’s a serious prayer.




If every student on the bus is talking at the same time, who’s listening?

Me, that’s who. And taking notes.




Either this bus is equipped with heated seats or the exhaust is literally running directly through the bottom of my seat.



Will my praying friends pray for a hedge of protection around me right now?

Or maybe an airbag of protection… and a helmet…



I’ve learned one thing… I can’t find my happy place on a school bus…

I tried.

It ain’t here.


I hope the school board used the money that they saved on bus suspension systems to buy computers or something.

Never had motion sickness, but I’m thinking about trying it.




How can my butt have so much cushion and this seat be so uncomfortable?



Does this come in an adult size?




Just saw a dude standing on a paddle board fishing. If I tried that it wouldn’t be fishing it would be swimming.




The skyline of Tampa is actually kinda nice. Except that all I can see is giant robotic aliens smashing all the buildings.

Thanks Marvel.




So this is what “drive it like you stole it” feels like.


Actually I DID find my happy place on this bus.




Forget roller coasters or sky diving. This bus ride is a REAL adventure.






An hour and 15 minutes into this field trip. Number of selfies taken in this bus…




I’m a giant nerd. I’m totally loving all this history stuff.


I only THOUGHT the bus ride was bad.

If this tour guide was any drier they’d have to give out bottles of water at the door.


Multiple cups of coffee before a 1.5 hour bus ride going to a museum with a broken bathroom was not my best laid plan.


The good news is: this tour guide is so dry he’s probably gonna dry up my bladder anyway.


All is well. I found a functioning bathroom…

And escaped the tour guide.


This trip proves that these kids are actually pretty cool.



The Holocaust is no joke and these kids understand that.




When you post a bunch of simple observations about life people become instant stalkers.

I guess it’s ok… it’s only Facebook.




I’m not sure who was more relieved:

Me when I found the restroom,

Or these girls when we got outside and could finally take a selfie.



McDonalds is to high school field trips as Chick Fil A is to church youth trips.


Chaperoning teens is kinda like herding cats.

At least cats are cute…

And fluffy…

So fluffy…





The woman that brought Trey’s food was named Elsa.

My food better come out hot.







If a person likes a bunch of your posts they’re a stalker.

If a bunch of people do it are they stalkers or groupies?



To those worried for my safety, this driver is doing just fine.



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