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Not My Daddy’s Church

We often look back at the way that our parents generation did church and talk about how it simply will not work in today’s society. In many ways I agree with that. There are many things that were done in the churches I grew up in that nearly turned me away from the church and would certainly turn someone without a relationship with Jesus Christ away. However, when I think about one of the churches that my father pastored when I was a child I think that this may be wrong.

This story starts back in 1980. My father was fresh out of college and was starting his first pastorate. The church God sent him to was smack in the middle of a very low income neighborhood. It wasn’t long before he began to see the needs that existed around the church. He realized that the way to reach these people was to minster to their needs. He then started a social services ministry that sought to help feed and clothe the people around the church. This ministry grew to serve many people each week and soon was getting attention from the denominational mission board and was getting inquiries from as far away as New Zealand.

Does this sound like an example of something to avoid? I don’t think so. Rather I think that there is a lot that can be learned from this example. Here are some takeaways from this example:

– He saw a need in the community around the church.
– He made a plan to meet these needs.
– God blessed his efforts.
– He got outside the confines of the church building.

When I look back to my dads ministry I tend to think that maybe I should be seeking to do church more links my daddy did.

We often talk about or hear about the bad examples from the churches we grew up in. So, what err some good examples from the churches you grew up in?

Matt Norman

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  • Werner

    Hi, I agree with you. Some of the “old”, traditional things work.
    Just think about how Jesus ministered. He ministered in small groups. So should we also do ministry. Jesus ministered by creating relationships. So how come, we think, people will find salvation, by sitting in a big church, anonymously, and then hearing the Message? Don’t get me wrong. People still do get saved. Most people though find a relationship with Jesus Christ, by seeing their friends, by sitting in somebody’s home, and talking about what it means to be a Christian.

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