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Mozart and The Devil’s Music

Years ago I remember a song called “Rock Me Amadeus.” It really had quite catchy chorus. So catchy that I often found myself singing it. I honestly had not idea who Amadeus was or what the song was about. I just knew that it had a nice rhythm to it. One day, while mindlessly singing it my dad told me that I needed to stop singing that song; that it was talking about the DEVIL. Wow! I certainly did not want to be singing a song that said, “rock me Amadeus” if Amadeus was the devil. I certainly did not want to be singing the devil’s music.

Amadeus is NOT the Devil. Turns out Amadeus is not the devil. Which means that this song was not about the devil. Rather it was talking about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. More commonly known simply as Mozart. You know, the famous composer. It was my mother that pointed out that Amadeus was probably a reference to Mozart and not the devil. On looking back at the lyrics to this song it’s actually about what a ladies man Mozart was, perhaps even a womanizer. Not a wholesome topic, but hardly a song about the devil.

He was probably thinking of Asmodeus. Is said to be a king of demons. This is probably what my dad was thinking of when he cautioned me not to sing that song. Certainly singing about be “rocked” by a king of demons would be a bad thing. His intentions were good, but he didn’t have all the information. As a result he turned an unwholesome, but probably harmless song into something much worse.

We must be informed. As Christians we often do just what my dad did. We jump to conclusions without having all the information. We then begin to speak out against things that we know little about. Just like my dad, our intensions are good. But, we need to take the time to learn about things before we make decisions about how we feel about them and, certainly, before we speak out against it. When we jump to conclusions we make ourselves look bad and we run the risk of harming the relationships that might give us the chance to show people the love of Jesus and share the gospel with them.

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