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Movie Review: Man of Steel

Well, tonight my got me a sweet surprise. She scored some per-release tickets to Man do Steel. This is the latest in a long line of movies featuring everyone’s favorite alien. On his planet he is known as Kal El, but you probably know him as Superman. That’s right, I saw the movie hours before it was officially released. In case your wondering, no this wasn’t some pirated version, it was the real deal. It was a special showing offered by Walmart with tickets sold only in their stores and my wife scored 4 of them for my family.

  • So, what did I think of the movie? 
    • I absolutely loved it! The movie was very entertaining from beginning to end. Without giving anything away there are some twists to the story as we all know it, but they did not detract from the movie, or the overall story.
  • Can I take my kids?
    • Sexual content: I was happy to see a complete lack of sex or even sexual innuendo. There was one scene towards the end of the movie where the hero kisses Lois Lane, but even that was done tastefully.
    • Language: there was one scene were a kid on a school bus cussed twice. Then one more scene towards the end has someone asking Superman if he is “f’n stupid.” No they did not drop the “f” bomb. This is exactly what they said.
    • Violence: naturally there were several fight scenes, but each with a complete absence of blood and gore.
    • Age appropriateness: there were some scenes that might be a little too intense for young children. Preteens will LOVE this movie. Mine sure did.
  • Overall impression: very entertaining. Good for kids from around the preteen age up. Will be enjoyed by all ages. If you lead a children’s ministry I don’t think I’d go so far as to plan a movie night with the kids due mainly to the cuss words in the one scene I mentioned above. But if, as a parent, you want to take your own kids I say go for it.
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