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Margin = Ministry: Spirit

Financially speaking margin is having some money left over after meeting all your obligations. Previously I’ve look at how margin in your finances and time can positively effect your ministry.  Below are links to those two posts.

Margin = Ministry: Money

Money = Ministry: Time

Today we look at the benefits of margin in your spiritual life.

In Matthew 6:33 Jesus instructs us to “Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.” Often time in ministry we live our lives as if Jesus’ instruction was, “Seek first your ministry and your blog and His kingdom will be given to you.” I know this sounds crazy, but this is how many of us in ministry live our lives. Our ministry becomes the most important thing in our life. Most of us do this out of a true love for God and a desire to impact the lives of people. Inspite of our good motives, our actions are bad. I fell into this trap.

As I see it there are a few problems with this approach:

  1. When we place our ministry above God then our ministry becomes just that, OUR ministry. It was never intended to be that way. It is God’s ministry and we are simply the vessels he uses. We are the conduit through which His ministry flows. We are simply the ones called to translate His leadership to the people He called us to lead. When done right it is not we that lead our ministries, but God through us.
  2. When God is not leading our ministry, then our ministry can only be as good as we are, generally speaking. I know that there are times that God has worked in/through my ministry far beyond my capacity. He did this not because of me, but inspite of me. However, when I have seen Him move the most has been when I am most in tuned to Him.
  3. As Brian Dollar says in his book, I Blew It, we are destined to burn out if we place our ministry above God. If we are to survive in ministry, and especially if we are going to thrive, then we HAVE to put God in his rightful place.

Exodus 20:3 says, “You shall have no other gods before me.” Anything that we place before God can become an idol to us, even our ministry (I address this topic specifically HERE.)  As Christians our very lives should be an overflow of our relationship with Jesus. How much more should our ministry be an overflow of this same relationship. As such our primary focus should be on our relationship with Jesus. By “seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness” we will find that our ministry goals become easier to achieve. We will find that our ministry is capable of going even further than we might have dreamed. We will find that the Spirit of God will work in and through our ministry to change lives.

Take a moment to evaluate your life. Is God number 1?

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