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Margin = Ministry: Health

Margin is a term often used in reference to finances. The idea is that you have some money left over after you have met all your financial obligations. The amount of money you have left over is your margin. I share my thoughts on how margin can prepare you for ministry or allow you to do more ministry or do your ministry better. This is not only true of money. I also believe that you should have margin in your time and spiritual margin as well. You can read the full articles on each of these using the links below:

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Today I want to look at another area where you need to ensure that you have margin. That area is your health. There are obvious, biblical reasons for this. The Bible talks about how our body is the temple for the Holy Spirit. As such we should care for it as well as possible. Beyond the Biblical/spiritual reason, I want to talk about some practical reasons.

You see, as I type this I am sitting in a hospital bed. I have a history of high blood pressure and a couple weeks ago ran out of my medicine. Since then I have been having some difficulty breathing that got worse yesterday. I am back on medicine now and I am fine. But, as I sit here I am missing the opportunities to minister to the kids at my church. I was scheduled to baptize a child this afternoon. I have been really looking forward to this and she was looking forward to me being the one.

Now, at the end of the day the other pastors at my church will pick up my slack. They will ensure that this sweet young girl gets to follow our Lord in believers baptism. What really matters is that she has received salvation through Jesus Christ and that she will be baptized. That’s what is important and it isn’t about me.

BUT, this is just one opportunity.

You see when we fail to properly care for our bodies we WILL miss opportunities to minister. We WILL be less effective in our ministry. We WILL hinder the potential of our ministry. Now, I am not saying that our ministry depends entirely on us. I know that at the end of the day I am just a tool that God uses. BUT, I am a tool that God USES. Paul wrote, “I plant and Apollos watered, but God provides the increase.” Ultimately God is the one who causes growth,but we are the ones to plant seeds and to water. Not taking care of our health can decrease our ability to plant seeds and water.

So, don’t neglect your health. With the many demands of ministry it can be easy to ignore our own needs. Take care of yourself so that you can can take care of others.

Matt Norman

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I am a Christian, husband, father, pastor, church planter, nurse, and freelance writer.

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