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Making Your Event More Gospel Focused

fish-and-cross pumpkinLet’s face it we all WANT our events to have a real gospel presence. But, with the planning and work that goes into a major, often settle for just getting through it. But, as I wrote in my last post HERE, if we intend to share the gospel, but all we do is draw a crowd then we can’t really call the event successful. Let’s look at one way to make your event more gospel focused?

What I learned at camp. This summer I had my first experience with CentriKid camps. If you have not checked them out you should –  HERE. One thing that really impressed me was how intentional they were. Every moment that they had with kids was used. Meals became a chance for staffers to connect with kids. Free time became a chance for staffers to play with kids, thus deepening the connection. What impressed me even more was that all of their tracks were teaching moments. From archery to arts and crafts to baseball they gave ALL of them a Bible connection.

How’d they do it? Towards the end of each track time the leader would gather all the kids together. He or she would then have a devotional time with them. BUT, they used the activity that they had just completed to point kids to the Bible. It was beautiful and genius. On the surface this seems simple, but it takes some planning. This meant that they had to carefully plan devotions for each day for each activity and make sure that it tied in with the message for the day. I know it can be hard enough to tie a single activity into what you are teaching. They did it with a wide variety of activities.

What I plan to do. Tomorrow is our Trunk or Treat. During the event I will be manning our Fire Truck booth. We recently purchased an old firetruck to use for outreach. I plan to play a fire fighter themed game. I will do it in such a manner that 3 – 8 kids (maybe more) are playing at one time. Then after we have a winner, BEFORE they get any candy, I’m gonna sit them down and give a quick gospel presentation taking off of the firetruck/firefighter theme.

Won’t that mean fewer kids at my booth? Yes, this may mean fewer kids through my booth. But, I’m willing to take that risk knowing that the kids that do come through my booth WILL hear the gospel. This does mean that some will skip my booth to go for the quicker prize. I am praying, and trusting, that God will send the right ones to my booth.

Planning for next year. As I plan for next year I hope to take this a step further. You see, my booth will be a bit of an experiment. My hope is that next year I can expand this to most, if not all, of our game booths. Certainly there will be some that just want to buzz through and get as much candy as possible and move on. For those we still have the trunks handing out candy. But, for those that are willing to take the time we will have the potential for a much greater impact in their lives.

What are you doing to make your event(s) more gospel focused?

Matt Norman

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  • Tom Bump

    Cool Matt,
    I like your approach. When we did our trunk or treat we set up the path to walk to lead right to our children’s entrance and I had set up a special “show” I did them every 15 min. during the night. And I had extra special candy they could only get by attending. I did a Gospel Science show with fun experiments that all had a message leading to a gospel presentation. At the end kids got their special treat and a tract to go with them.
    We also used that time to invite kids back to our super special Sunday service that we did following Trunk or Treat. We had some special door prizes to give away and we did a special service for kids and their parents. We saw a good number of new families checking out our church the following Sunday.

    • Matt Norman

      I love that idea. I considered something like this. After I hand over this years experiment to other booths next year. I may move add something like that.

    • Matt Norman

      I’d love to take credit for it, but it wasn’t entirely mine. I am constantly looking for good ideas around me and then looking to see how I can adapt the principles into my ministry.

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