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KMC14 – 10 Steps to Family Ministry That Works

Heidi Hensley


  • Families spend only 8 hours per week together.
  • Weekend is at best 2 hour twenty minutes devoted to the family each day.
  • During the week the amount of times shrinks to just 36 minutes on average each day.

All this is true and yet we, as the church, are trying to claim part of that time.

  1. Know your families
    1. There is no longer the “average family”
    2. Be a communicator
  2. Remind them to have fun!
    1. It’s Biblical! Ecclesiastes 8:15
    2. At home and at church
      1. events are necessary, but they should not be the staple of your ministry.
    3. Provide the occasional escape route
  3. Equip them
    1. Don’t assume that parents know the basics
      1. send home papers should be easy enough that kids can understand it and work through it. This way if the parents have not been in church, then the kids can do it on there own. If the parents work with the kids on it, then they can help the kids and they can actually learn from it.
    2. Get them connected (inside and out)
    3. Provide an educational component
      1. Not all parents were ready to step into an adult Sunday School class.
    4. Realistic Family Discipleship
      1. Don’t over complicate it.
      2. Teach parents to use life’s moment.
        1. Teaching them what the Bible says about gossip, pornography, etc. helps parents to be ready to use life’s moments as spiritually teachable moments.
      3. Build on what you have.
    5. Let families serve together.
      1. Kids will value what their parents value
      2. Create opportunities (for families to serve together)
    6. Family worship
      1. When do your kids enter the sanctuary?
      2. Multi-generational worship
      3. How do your families worship as a family?
        1. family worship service?
    7. Equip parents for Spiritual moments
      1. Teach them to pray with their kids
        1. Pinterest – Creative prayers for kids
      2. Teach them to share their testimony
        1. invite parents into your class to tell their testimony
      3. Teach parents what your church believes about baptism and communion
    8. Make marriage a priority
      1. offer a date night
      2. offer a marriage class
      3. Remind them of the importance
    9. Kid’s ministry is Family ministry
      1. involve parents
        1. they are involved in the kids lives, involve them in our ministry.
      2. schools have the right idea
        1. PTA – what kind of things are they doing that we could also do in ministry
      3. Do your parents know what their kids are learning?
    10. Get started
      1. Work with what you’ve got
      2. Make a vision list
      3. Form an action plan
      4. Get leadership on board
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