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Kill the Spider

I could just leave this post with the title. Personally I feel that all spiders should be killed. Some have accused me of being afraid of spiders. That’s not it. I just think the should all die.But, that’s not what this post is about.
As you probably know I’ve been in Atlanta this week attending the ReThink Leadership Conference and the Orange Conference. That’s where this post comes from. When I saw the title of this session, “Kill the Spider”, I simply had to attend. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was about, but I’m sure my hatred for spiders was at least part of my motivation.
Kill the Spider: How to get over the things in life that are really holding you back.
That was the full title and MAN was it good. It was lead by Carlos Whittaker and related to a book he has coming out later this year by the same title. The book, and this session, we about things that we face in life that might be holding us back, or could even completely derail us. Let me explain. Carlos defined the spiders in our lives like this:
The spider is the lie that spins the cobwebs in our lives. The cobwebs are the medicine that brings false comfort to our lives.
Spiders can be any number of things. Spiders can be different for each person. In many cases the spiders are painful moments in our lives. They are wounds that we never took the time to heal. Heck, we may not even know that they are there. Even if you know they are there, you may not know what they are or what to do about them.
The spiders are always there.
Have you ever gone away on vacation and come back to find cobwebs in places you don’t normally get them? That’s cause the spider was always there. He was just waiting for the activity to slow down enough, or go away so he could come out and spin his web. The same is true in our lives. Whatever the spiders are in your life, they don’t just go away. They are always there and they are waiting for times when our life with Jesus has become less active.
Stop cleaning the cobwebs, KILL THE SPIDER.
Carlos shared a story from his father. His father was a revival preacher. During one event he had a woman come up two or three nights in a row and ask him to pray that God would remove the cobwebs from her life. After the third or fourth time his father looked at the woman and said, “NO! I will not pray that. You need to stop asking God to clean out the cobwebs. You need to kill the spider.” Carlos’ father then looked at him and said, “I’ve watched you clean out the cobwebs in your life for years. Now it’s time for you to kill the spiders.”
The spiders are always there.
In our houses it seems like there are always cobwebs popping up in the high corners. Often it’s easy to ignore them. They’re up, out of the way, and don’t seem to effect our lives. What we fail to see is that if there are webs, there are spiders. The same is true in our lives. There are always spiders in our lives. Sometimes they are easy to ignore. They’re way up in the corner of the wall. We can kinda see the web, when we look for it, but we really don’t see the spider so it’s ok. The spiders in our lives, just like those in our homes, will not simply go away. THEY HAVE TO BE KILLED.
How can I find my spiders?
If you’re like me then identifying your spiders could be difficult. God has really blessed my life and has protected me from all sorts of pain. Yet, I have spiders. Here are some of the suggestions Carlos made for finding your spiders. With all of these Carlos warned that finding your spiders is not a one day, single session, one event kinda thing. It is a process of self exploration and discovery.
  • Counseling
  • Examine your desires: Sometime we do things to cover the pain we are feeling that is the result of the spiders.
  • Intimate conversation with the Holy Spirit: Again this is not a one and done kinda thing.
  • Ask people who love you and know you well: Make sure they are people who truly care about you being the best version of yourself, not just people who want to tell you what’s wrong with you. Sadly, in ministry and in life there are plenty of people willing and eager to do that for us.

Great, but how do I KILL IT?

Carlos gave these three simple steps for killing our spiders. Just like losing weight or getting out of debt these steps are simple. Also like these things they are a lot of work.

  • Confess the lie
  • Reject the lie
  • Replace the lie with Jesus’ truth

Confess the lie

Hopefully through the process listed above you have been able to identify the spiders in your life. For Carlos and me, one of them was that I was a fraud. That I had faked my way to and through all the successes in my ministry. This simply isn’t true. I know that God was in it because I’m just not that good. If you’ve identified the spiders in your life, face the lies connected to them and confess the lie.

Reject the lie

Eventually you can get to a point where you can identify the spiders as they come up and will be able to reject them from the beginning. For now you can start by rejecting the lies that you have identified from your past. Reject it in Jesus name. Take away it’s power over you.

Replace the lie with Jesus’ truth

Jesus once told of a person who cleans out the demons in him, but leaves himself empty and open. The result is that the demon returns and brings friends with him. The same is true with the spiders in our lives. One of the lies from my past is that obstacles I have faced define me. The truth is that God knew about them before they came. In some instanced He may even have put them there in order to teach me something. In ALL instances God is in charge, even over the obstacles I face. That’s the truth that I put in place of the lie that these obstacles define me.

It doesn’t end there

Killing spiders in your home is an ongoing, lifelong process. No matter how many you kill it seems there are always more. Your life is the same way. This does not mean that your house, or your life, is overrun with spiders. It simply means that there are always spiders out there. So, we must remain diligent to recognize the spiders, and KILL THEM.

Matt Norman

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  • Henry Beckwith

    Thank you for the summary… I just finished reading his book and need to stay on top of the “spiders” – lies – That still have a great deal of power over me.… Thanks!

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