Kidzmatter Magazine. New Name! New Look! Same Great Content!

Last week I got my first issue of Kidzmatter Magazine. Many of you may be familiar with it under it’s old name, K! Magazine. The wonderful folks at Kidzmatter have recently worked very hard to provide a fresh, new look to this familiar magazine. They also gave it a new name, Kidzmatter Magazine. With this new look and new name come the unending dedication to quality content aimed at equipping children’s ministry leaders for a greater impact in the lives of kids. The fine folks at Kidzmatter are well known for the dedication to providing tools for children’s ministry leaders. This new look is no different.

What can you expect?

  • High quality content written by people in the trenches of ministry to children.
  • Practical tools aimed at helping you do an even better job of reaching children with the Gospel.
  • A great new look. High quality pictures and lots of great color along with a convenient lay-out make for a magazine that is easy to read and a useful tool.
  • Advertising that is helpful without being intrusive. I have read magazines that seemed more about the ads than the content. This is not one of those.

These are just a few of the things that you will love about Kidzmatter magazine. But, my favorite thing in the January/February issue is the VBS guide. I have personally spent many hours researching all the different VBS options available and trying to determine which would be the best fit for my church. Even with the research that I have done I was never able to come up with a compilation of all the available VBS resources that is as complete as this one. Not to mention how difficult it is to compare these many different VBS options side-by-side. Well, the Kidzmatter team has done the hard work for you. They have compiled a listing of what has to be just about every VBS option out there short of writing your own. They have evaluated each one and placed there findings side-by-side so that you can compare them directly. In addition to the side-by-side comparison in the magazine, this issue comes with a giant poster listing all of the options that they covered. I’m a very visual person. Having all of these in one place, in a format that I can hang on the wall and see all of them at once is perfect. Every children’s ministry leader in the country needs this resource.

For more information on the new magazine, to order yours and for daily updates from other children’s ministry bloggers like me, check out their website at www.kidzmatter.com

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