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Just Happy To Be At The Table

Just Glad To Be At The Table

Recently I was watching a show on TV. In this show a chef had invited his brother and some friends for a dinner party. The men invited asked what they would be eating and the chef simply told them to trust him, that it would be good. This got me thinking…

Imagine that a friend has invited you over for a multi-course dinner. This is a really close friend that you love and trust. There’s just one catch. They have not told you what they will be serving. As the day approaches the anticipation grows for spending time with your beloved friend, but still you don’t know what you will be eating. Finally, the time has come. You enter to find the table already set and ready for you. Amazing aromas come from the kitchen as your host shows you to your seat. The host fills your cup and heads off into the kitchen, returning a short time later with the first course. As you’re finishing the first course the host runs off to the kitchen to get the next. Course after course comes while you sit and enjoy. At the end of the meal you find yourself full and satisfied from both the food and the company. It has truly been a good night.

But what does this have to do with God?

Well, I think that this is a picture of God’s provision in our lives.

We’ve been invited to the dinner. God promised that if we would seek His Kingdom, he would provide for our needs. (1) When looking at our story above, this is the like our friend inviting us to the dinner party. Here’s the question, do you trust Jesus in the same way you trust this friend? Do you have a close enough relationship with God that you love and trust Him the way you do this friend?

We don’t know what’s coming. In our story, we didn’t know what was going to be served, but we knew there would be food because our host told us there would be. This is how it is with God’s provision. We often don’t know what is coming, how it is coming, or from where. But, we know it is coming, because God promised it was.

We don’t ask what’s next. With our dinner party we were served course after course, never knowing or asking what was coming next. Because of the trust we had in our host we simply sat back and let our host bring the food while we enjoyed it. However, when it comes to God’s provision this is often not the case. Rather we look around when we don’t FEEL God’s presence or can’t SEE what is coming next or where it is coming from. We worry about how our mortgage or rent will get paid. We worry about how we are going to feed our families. We have more trust in a friend that has invited us to dinner than we do in GOD! This seems crazy to say, but if we think about it we will find our actions reflect this.

We will be satisfied. In the story above, at the end of the dinner party we were full and satisfied. We did not need to KNOW what was coming for us to be satisfied when it came. The same is true with God. We do not need to KNOW where our provision is coming from. We do not need to know WHAT our provision will be or how it will come in order to be satisfied. If we trust in God to provide for our NEEDS, then we WILL be satisfied by the provision that He sends.

The Table is already set. Imagine if you showed up for this party and the host made YOU set the table. Since this is a friend, you may not mind, but you would expect that the table would be set when you arrived. Imagine if the host asks you to prepare the food, after you arrived. This would not be what you were expecting when you attend a dinner party. The truth is, when we have FAITH in God the table I already set. What we will find when we step out in faith is that the provision is already out there. God’s just waiting on us to step out in faith and claim it. I’m not saying, “trust in God and all your problems will wash away.” There are some that preach such things. What I am saying is that God is going ahead of you and setting up the provision for what you NEED. It’s already there. Stop waiting till you can see it and step out.

I’m just glad to be at the table. At the end of the day, if a friend invited me to a dinner party and I found that there was not enough food to fill me or that I didn’t like anything that was served, I would still be happy to have been there, because I was with someone I love. This is how it should be with God as well. God has promised to provide for our needs, but even if He didn’t we should be satisfied having spent time with God. Simply having a relationship with God should be enough, even if He didn’t provide for our needs.

That is my prayer; that I would simply be glad to sit at God’s table.

Are you worrying about your future?

Are you just glad to be at the table?

Scripture References

  1. Matthew 6:25-34
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