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I’ve Been Doing it Wrong

I’ve been in ministry for 12 years or so and been a Christian most of my life. During that time I have experienced a fair amount of what many people would consider to be a success. In much of it, I would agree. Recently, however, I’ve come to realize for much of my ministry and life, in general, I’ve been doing it wrong.

Big dreams

I’m the kinda person that is constantly thinking a few steps ahead. I’m always looking at where we are going, at what comes next. This has led me to have some really big dreams over the years… many dreams. In and of themselves these are not bad things. In fact, they can be extremely positive things. Dreams can give us a direction to move towards. They can guide the choices we make and the activities we take part in. Dreams are a good thing.

MY Dreams

The problem with my dreams wasn’t so much that I had dreams, but that they were MY dreams. My heart has long been to serve God and to serve Him well. I’ve wanted to do great things for God. I had really big dreams for every ministry I have served in, for every church I served. In and of themselves these dreams were not bad. In fact, I believe that my ability to see the potential of something is part of how God made me. But, the focus was all wrong. These dreams were about ME. They were about what I wanted to do.


In the past, my dreams were always about what I wanted to do FOR God. These were not bad thoughts. My heart was pure in this. Still, I was misguided. God doesn’t ask us to do things FOR Him. As Jesus said in Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the kingdom of God…” What God really wants is to have a relationship with us. 

Throughout the Bible, we see where God was working and invited people to work WITH Him to impact the world around them. He did not tell them to go out and do something FOR Him but invited them to join Him where He was already working. That’s what He wants from us too. Instead of asking, dreaming, or even praying about what we can do FOR God, He wants us to simply seek Him.

Seeking God

If you really want to do things FOR God, start with seeking Him. That’s what Jesus said. You see, when we seek God, when we grow closer to God, then we will be able to see what He is already doing around us. Then we can join Him in that. Imagine how much more powerful our work can be when we are doing it WITH God, not simply FOR Him. 

Currently, at Journey Church, we are going through a series called “Seek Ye First…” In this, we are looking at what it means in our day to day lives to seek God. I’d love to have you join us and learn, for yourself, what it means to seek God.

Matt Norman

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I am a Christian, husband, father, pastor, church planter, nurse, and freelance writer.

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