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It’s Not Ok To Be…

OKPastors and ministry leaders are generally highly dedicated people. We are dedicated to our ministries and to the people we minister to. We are dedicated to our churches and our communities. In fact we tend to be so dedicated that our own wellbeing may suffer. This post starts a series written for pastors and other ministry leaders. In this I will cover a series of things that

It’s not ok to be…

The truth is that these things are not only for pastors. They are, in actually, for all Christians. Furthermore, they are not simply my opinions, but are based on scripture. I hope that you will find these things helpful, as I have. Much of what I write is a reflection of what God is saying to me. This series is the exactly that. As such, please know that the things that I am writing are as much a reminder to myself as they are for you. Read these and be blessed.

You can check back on this page for links to each of the posts in this series as they become available. Click on the links below to read each of them. I would also love to hear how you work to ensure that each of these areas is addressed in your life.

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