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Is Social Media About Content or Connection?

I have read a bunch of books in my life. I am an avid reader and usually have 2-3 books in process at any given moment. I usually have one fiction book just for fun and another book or two for learning. Books are great. However, there is one way that books are severally lacking… you can’t talk with the author.

Sure, there are some authors that are pretty active on social media. I’ve even known of some putting their own, personal email in the book. But, for the most part, there is no real interaction between you and the person or people who wrote the book.

That’s ok… because books are about content.

I just finished hearing Nora Jones speaking at the Rethink Leadership Conference (LINK). Nora works for Facebook… Yes, the actual Facebook. Her job is helping different faith communities use Facebook better. She also happens to be married to a man who pastors a church in Florida. Obviously, she had some great things to say about how churches could better use Facebook. Her comments got me thinking:

Is social media about content or connection?

You see, with a book, or even a television show, magazine, or film the focus is on the content. But, is that really what social media is all about? If social media is just about content, then it’s not social at all… it’s just media. The social aspect of social media is the ability to connect with and interact with other people.

Way to many churches, mine included, are simply providing content. While this is important, if that is all we are doing, or even primarily what we are doing, then we are using social media wrong. We need to put the SOCIAL back in social media.

Food for thought:

  1. Is your church/ministry simply providing content on social media or are you seeking and taking advantage of opportunities to connect?
  2. What can your church/ministry do RIGHT NOW to be more social on social media?
  3. What impact could it have if YOU took just 30 minutes each day to interact with people on social media with the express purpose of ministering to them?
  4. What impact would it make if you empowered people in your church to do the same?

I’d love to hear your answers to these questions. Or, if you’re already doing a good job connecting and interacting with people in your community on social media, I’d love to hear how your doing it or how God is using it.

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