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Is Orange Conference Just For Children’s Ministers?

If you are in ministry, then you are aware of the many different conferences out there designed to help us do what we do, even better. There is also a fair chance that you have heard of the Orange Conference. Unfortunately, there is a fair chance that you think that Orange is a children’s ministry thing. Maybe you think that it is for children and youth. But, it is actually so much more than that. If you lead within the context of the local church, then this conference is for you. 
Start-Up Church: I am very excited about this track. This is a track aimed at church planters. As I am moving in that direction I am very excited to go to some of the sessions on this track and see what God has to teach me through the experience.

Marriage Ministry:
Ok, not every church has a marriage ministry. But, every church has married people. That being true we should all be dedicated to helping the married people inner church have better marriages. This track is designed to help you do just that. 

Social Media:
 It’s funny somehow I managed to get old enough to remember when social media wasn’t even a thing. Now, however, it is a thing and it is an important part of our lives. It is also vital to your ministry. If we are honest we would have to admit that just about every one of us could do a better job with the social media strategy of our church. This track can help.

Special Needs: 
The vast majority of churches have NO strategy when it comes to children with special needs. If you are building a full on special needs ministry or just looking to increase your understanding of some of the unique needs that some of these wonderful people have this is a great option for you and your church.

City Ministry:
Ministry in an urban setting is difficult. Ok, ALL ministry is difficult, but ministry in true urban settings also different. This track seeks to look at these differences and prepare leaders for it.

NextGen Leader:
This is a track for leaders of leaders. Aimed at the people that lead from a family ministry perspective, overseeing multiple levels of generational ministries.

Preschool, Children, Middle School, High School:
These tracks are just as they appear. They are the best and brightest speakers in each of these areas sharing from their own experiences.These are people that are actually doing this stuff in churches all over the country. The knowledge they share is from stuff they have actually done, not just untested theories. 
Bottom line: Orange Conference is for leaders. No matter what you do in the church Orane is a great conference for you.

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