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Is Jesus Calling You? Will You Follow?

In my reading recently I read Luke 9:57-62. In this passage three different men express interest in following Jesus. To the first one Jesus points out the hardships that often come with following Him. The second one says he will follow Jesus, BUT FIRST he has to bury his father. The third expresses a desire to say goodbye to his family before following Jesus. I think that these men represent where many of us are in our desire/willingness to follow Jesus.

The Bible also gives us good examples of following Jesus when called. In Matthew chapter 4 we read about when Jesus called Peter, Andrew, James and John. When Peter and Andrew were called, “the straightaway left their nets, and followed him.” (1) When James and John were called, “they immediately left the ship and their father, and followed him.”(2)

Most of us express a desire to follow Jesus, BUT there is often this thing that we have to take care of. As I look into my future there are many things that I need to take care of. There are repairs around my house. There are financial things. Not to mention that if we are to move I would like to wait till the end of the school year to do it. BUT, if Jesus calls me tomorrow, I will go.

I understand that as I sit here with no instructions from Jesus, this is easy for me to say. My heart is truly to follow Jesus when and where He leads, but this is not being tested just yet. Stay tuned and see just how this plays out.

The question for you is which story represents you. Have you answered Jesus call on your life? Are you putting Jesus off while you take care of this one thing? If Jesus called you tomorrow would you follow, or would you feel the need to take care of this last thing before following?

As Christian Jesus has already placed one call on our lives, to salvation. However, this is just the beginning. If Jesus had called you to salvation, then He has called you to so much more. Maybe He has even called you to ministry.

If you feel that Jesus is calling you to salvation and have questions email me using the email link above to contact me.

If you have already accepted Jesus Christ as your savior and want to know what comes next, email me using the email link at the top of the page.

1.) Matthew 4:20
2.) Matthew 4:22

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