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I’m a Liar…And So Are You.

Recently I was thinking about stuff. I do that from time to time. While I was thinking it occurred to me that I regularly tell lies.  Don’t mean to. I do it without even knowing it some times. Hear I am a Children’s Pastor and I tell lies on a regular basis. How can I possibly teach or lead children with that kind of example? I mean lying is such a big deal that God included it in the 10 Commandments and I’m guilty of it. AND if I had to guess I’d say that your probably guilty of it too.

Ok, I know what your probably thinking, “it’s one thing if this guy want to confess his own sins, but when he starts to accuse me he goes too far. Well, before you click over to another blog, hear what I have to say. Am I saying that you are a liar? NO. I fact I’m not calling myself one either.

 So, what am I talking about here?

I would never intentionally be dishonest. Dispite this I often am. You see I frequently commit to things that I end up of doing. My intentions are good. In that moment I really do plan to do whatever it is I’m committing to. However, when it comes down to it I don’t get it done. If you are in leadership within the church then you are probably just like me in this area. Here are a some reason why this happens:
We love our church and want to do what we can.
We want to be helpful.
SOME people think that the church staff should do everything and should always be available to them. (Note I said SOME. This is of true of everyone within the church, but it is true of some.)
Here are some ways to avoid this.
Learn to say NO.
This can be really hard for many of us in ministry, but it can be important. One thing I have learned is that often times when people talk to you about this great thing that the church should do, what they really mean is that they have great idea for something YOU should do. I usually counter this by telling them that I think their idea is GREAT. I then tell the that the ony thing holding us back is leadership. I explain to them that at our church we believe that when it is time for our church to start a new ministry or program then God will send someone to lead that ministry. I close by asking them if they feel lthat God is calling them to lead this new ministry or program. If they say yes, then this could be the beginning of an exciting new season for your church. I they say no then promise to pray about their idea and encourage them to pray for God to send leadership.
Sometimes it may not be as comple as the previous  response. Sometimes it can simply be as simple as telling them that you don’t think that you can do whatever it is they are asking of you.
Sometimes there are things that you simply can’t do yourself, but need to be done. In these cases pass the task on to someone else who can can see that it gets done.
Recruit help
If it’s something that has to be done, but can’t be handed off, then recruit some help to get aspects of the task completed. You might have to start and finish it, but if you can get someone else to fill in the gaps, then maybe you can get it done with having to do it all.
I’m sure there are more ways that this happens to us, and more ways to avoid it. So, what are the ways that you avoid being a liar?

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