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How I Got Here

CompassMany of you have followed the journey that has brought me to FBC Tallassee. Along the way I have learned some valuable lessons. This may not be ground breaking, but it is something that I had to learn and I think it was a turning point for me in this journey.

Stop seeking direction. Praying for direction is something many Christians do, especially those in leadership. In and of itself this is not a bad thing. After all, if Jesus is the Lord of our lives, then we should ask Him for direction in our life. Makes since. However, if we are not careful we can become so focused on seeking direction that we miss what is really important.

Seek Jesus. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” When we seek direction we are looking for the way God wants us to go in a given situation. If Jesus is THE WAY, doesn’t it stand to reason that we should seek him?

How I figured this out. My journey has been filled with a fair amount of frustration. This frustration came to a head two or three months ago. At that point I decided I was done trying. I was done searching for where God was sending me next. It was then that I was invited to attend a conference being held by the local Southern Baptist Association. In that conference I attended a session about vision. The speaker talked about how to seek vision. I decided that I was gonna do what he said and see what God had to say to me about my future. A few days later I was at a local nature park with my Bible, a notebook and a pen.

You see what this speaker recommended was to take your Bible and read. While reading pray that God would speak to you. As you read, when you feel God saying something to you, right it down. This is what I did. I would read, pray and write what God was saying. After about an hour I looked back over what I had written and asked what God was saying to me. This went on for a few hours. At the end of the day I looked back over the several pages that I had written and asked “what is God saying to me?” As I did this it was clear that God was telling me one thing: STOP SEEKING DIRECTION AND SEEK ME!

Seeking directions isn’t bad. In an of itself seeking direction is not a bad thing. However, when we pursue direction with more passion that we pursue Jesus, it becomes a big problem. My experience through this has been that so long as I continue to pursue Jesus, he gives me direction. There will come times when we need to seek direction, but we must be diligent to ensure that this never takes the place of seeking Jesus.

Matt Norman

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