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How I Almost Got Arrested at #CPC13

Let me start by saying that me, Ron Brooks and Justin Brooks had almost as much fun in the car commuting back and forth as we did at the conference. Besides a long list of wrong and missed turns, all by the guy who lives in the area, there was the adventure of almost getting arrested.
That’s right, we came closer to getting arrested than I ever have. I could see the headlines already, 3 Children’s Pastors Arrested for Auto Theft, or maybe, 3 Children’s Pastors Flee Police in Stolen Car. Ok, maybe not the second one, but I was definately thinking the first one.
So, how did we get from attending the premier conference for Children’s Pastors to almost going to jail? Well, let me tell you. As we got off the interstate and onto the highway that led to my house I drove past a state trooper going the same direction. No big deal, I’ll just watch my speed. Then the trooper pulled in behind me. Now, I’m nervous. I diligently watch my speed for the next couple miles. Still I am nervous. So, I change lanes. Well, the trooper doesn’t change lanes, so I start feeling better about the whole thing.
Then the lights come one. If you’ve ever been pulled over, you know what I’m talking about. The flashing blue and red lights. The lights that might actually be quite lovely, under different circumstances. The lights that instantly provoke dread in even the most law abiding of citizens. Those lights.
So, I pull over, put the car in park, and begin to gather my documents. As I ask Ron to retrieve the registration from my glove box I realize that there is a fair chance that it isn’t there. You see, I’m one of those people. I have a bad habit of setting things on the kitchen counter and forgetting about them, even my registration. Thankfully, this time the registration was in the glove box.
Well, Mr. State Trooper man comes up to the car and asks for my registration. I hand him that, plus my driver’s license. The whole time thinking how strange it is that he only asked for my registration. He spends a minute or two reviewing my documents, then turns to me and tells me that as soon as I can I need to call the tag agency and tell them that my tag does not show my car when he runs the number. Apparently when he ran my tag it showed as being registered to ME, but not to my car. So, if I had not had the registration I am completely convinced that all three of us would have ended up in jail for suspicion of auto theft. Try explaining that to your senior pastor.
I’m sure there is a sermon there somewhere and I am certain that someday I will tell that story in a sermon, but for now it is just a really funny story. 
Matt Norman

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