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How #CPC15 Changed Me: Walk By Faith

Today I continue a series on the experiences from the 2015 Children’s Pastor’s Conference that changed me.


While at the conference I had the chance to chat with a person that I had wanted to talk to, in person, for a while. I had spoken with him on the phone and had corresponded via FaceBook quite a bit. As I spoke with him at the conference he shared his story of how he got there. I’m leaving his name off because I know that he would rather this story be about God’s provision than about him.


This friend had made plans to come to the conference. In the days prior to leaving for the conference the vehicle that he was planning to drive needed some repairs and he was unable to get the repairs done. He prayed to God and was thinking of taking a bus, but God said no. So, as the conference drew near; as people from all over the country were getting in cars, vans, busses and airplanes to travel to the conference, this guy looked at this wife and told her he was walking to Chattanooga, FROM TEXAS. He put on his backpack and began walking. A short time later his phone rang. The caller asked if he was still going to the conference. Our friend explained that he was going and had, in fact, already left. The disappointment could be heard in the voice of the caller. You see, this caller and his wife had been praying and felt God telling them to let our friend use their big SUV to get to the conference. They now thought that this would not be an option. As they spoke the caller discovered that our friend intended to walk to the conference. This is when the caller offered the use of their SUV.


This was great, but as our friend looked at the gas gauge there was only enough gas to get him about half way to the conference. Undeterred, our friend loaded the truck and prepared to leave when he was contacted by another friend. To make a long story short, this contact led to an envelop with enough cash to get our friend to the conference and back.


So, why do I tell this story?


I don’t tell it to show the amazing faith of our friend. He certainly has an amazing faith, but that’s not the point. I tell this story because as I heard it I was struck by how faithless my life is by comparison. I tell it because I was struck by how faithless my ministry is. How often do I make plans based on what I have or what I can do instead of trusting God with what He has and what He can do. How often do I plan my ministry and do the work of ministry without ever asking God what HE wants me to do.


We are called to walk by faith and, if I’m honest, while I have spurts of that in my life, I can not even begin to say that it is a way of life for me. This story changed me. As I move forward I endeavor to ask God what HE wants to do in and through me and my ministry. Then I will have faith the HE will give me what I need to make that happen and will walk in that faith.


I thank God for this friend, his faith and his willingness to share his story with me. I encourage you to ask God what HE wants to do and them trust Him to give you what you need. But, be careful. When you ask God what He was to do, He will probably tell you. You may find that what He wants you to do i something that your not entirely comfortable with. But, trust me. It will be worth it.
Matt Norman

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