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Home Discipleship 101: Intro

I LOVE ministering to children. I love everything about it, even getting slime poured on my head. Most of all I love the potential impact I can have on these young lives, BUT…

I can’t do it alone.

In fact on my own, no matter how good or how gifted I may or may not be the impact that I can have is nothing compared to what a parent WILL have. Consider this:

· 40 hours – this is the average number of hours the church has to influence a child if they regularly attend on Sunday.
· 80 hours – If the child is REALLY plugged in and also comes on Sunday night or Wednesday night on a regular/semi-regular basis.
· 120 hours – If we add such things as VBS or Kids Camp, then we MIGHT get up to 120 hours PER YEAR. This is only for the kid that is super active in the church.
· 3000 hours – This is the number of hours that parents have to influence their children over the course of a year.

These numbers make it obvious that you ARE the greatest potential influence in your child’s life. This being true I want to do what I can to help you make the most of those hours. Those numbers can be intimidating.

That’s what this series is about.

Each Monday I will post a short blog post aimed at helping you to make the most of the time you have with your children.

Matt Norman

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