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Home Discipleship 101: GO!

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you…”  Matthew 28:19-20 

Here we get our orders to make disciples. But, there doesn’t seem to be much more there. In the coming weeks, I want to see what we, as parents, can learn from this.

The word translated as “go” would be more accurately translated to “as you are going”. Jesus is saying that as we go about our lives we should be making disciples. As parents this means that discipling our children should be a regular part of our lives.
How do I DO that? I remember when my kids were toddlers. Nearly everything was a learning opportunity. Playing with cars became a chance to learn numbers and counting. Coloring became a chance to learn colors. Even as they have grown I look for opportunities to use everyday moments to teach. Discipling our children is the same.  It means looking for opportunities to teach them spiritually. For most of us this does not come naturally. It certain didn’t for me, and it’s still a struggle. But, with practice, it becomes easier.
How do I start? TV gives MANY opportunities to do this. Watch TV together, even if this means watching their shows. Go into it determined to find something that can be a teaching point. Watch for that moment and then use it. This can happen during the show or even during commercials. The idea is not to tear apart their favorite show. Rather it is to find that teachable moment and then teach. Here is an example to get you started:
  • Did you notice how (character) did (something teachable)?
    • From here you can talk about why it was good or ask about how they could have done better.
    • Remember that the goal is heart transformation so be sure to focus on how the other characters were effected, or how your child might have felt in that situation.
This is just one example. Look for moments like this that can be used to teach your child what it means to be Godly.
Matt Norman

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