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Greatest Parenting Struggles: Introduction.

Recently I posed a question to all of my Facebook Friends. The question was, “What is your greatest struggle in parenting your kids.” This is the first in a series where I seek to address some of the replies. If you were one of the people that replied thanks for your reply and I hope that this helps. Also, don’t worry, everything will be done anonymously so no one will know exactly who I’m talking about. I do this as some sent me private messages because they did not want to post their reply publicly. As we prepare to get into this new series let me start by saying that I am no parenting expert. Quite frankly I think that anyone that claims to be is a fool. I have two kids, a 5 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. Even though these kids have the same parents and live in the same house they are vastly different. Still there are some basic principles that work for both of them. No, I am NOT an parenting expert. I am a parent. I am a kid’s pastor. I am a Christian. The thoughts that I share in this series will come from my own experience as a parent, pastor and follower of Jesus. What is YOUR greatest struggle in parenting your kids?

UPDATE: Sometime after posting this original post a friend referred to this series as a different kind of GPS. So, from here out this series will be called GPS, Helping Parents Find Their Way.

Here are links to all the posts in this series. Check back often as new posts are added.

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